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Congratulations Graduates!

Any student can tell you that this has been an unusual time at school. This is especially so for graduating seniors. Images of mortarboards and diplomas turned into virtual graduation ceremonies, thanks to the COVID-19 virus. We have several graduates this year and we couldn’t be more proud. Our two high school graduates who grew up at Westminster are immigrants. They’ve had a lot of learning to do, including the English language. Please view our grads below. We think you’ll be proud of them, too. The future is in good hands!

Susan Kubui HS Graduation.jpeg

Haji Ali-Kennedy H.S.

Son of Tamene Gelashe & Shuna Tosa

College: Kirkwood

Susan Kibui-Jefferson H.S.

Daughter of Veronica Ndungu

College: Kirkwood

image0 (1).jpeg

Jacob Bemus-Washington H.S.

Son of Amy & Scott Bemus

Grandson of Judy McCracken

College: University of Iowa


Anna Gygi, Centaurus H.S.-Colorado

Granddaughter of Barb & Bill Moss

College: Northwestern University


Jacquiline Fashimpaur

Carnegie Mellon University

Daughter of Ben & Karen Fashimpaur

Hilery Livengood, Eric Swanson

Computer Science

Hired by Oculus


Frankline Nabuyoli

Mount Mercy University

Daughter of Prince & Aline Nabuyoli

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