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WPC Property Committee

Mid-Year Property Report

Westminster has a beautiful and functional physical house of worship that was built in three phases. The WPC Property Committee's ministry is to take the best possible care of the facility. As you can imagine, this includes planning updates, dealing with day-to-day issues and working with staff to make sure all is coordinated. Below if their mid-year report submitted by co-chairs Jan Kosowski and Maggie York.


Fortunately we have not had large projects to deal with this year.  Committee has focused on dealing with the constant string of issues associated with our aging facility, and on looking for ways to decrease property expenses.

Upkeep Actions:

  •  Our west canopy was hit by a truck and along with this repair, Maggie York worked with Bob Warner to have the alley canopy repaired as well.

  •  Currently, the Committee is getting a bid from Allied Glass to address the broken hinges on the entrance doors all along the oldest part of the church.

  • Updated non-working security sensors and connected the elevator phone to security system

  • Replaced worn out bladders on boiler system

  • Repaired the alley entrance shattered glass pane.

  • Contracted for 5 applications of weed killer.

  • Created 3rd floor reading area.

  • Replaced FLC garbage disposal.

  • Replaced burners on FLC stove.

  • Had our air conditioning units serviced.

  • Have contracted to have the FLC floor stripped and waxed.

Here are actions we have taken to decrease expenses:

  • Renewed our recycling waiver from the city, eliminating that expense.

  • Dave Cosgrove volunteered to do lawn care this summer in order to eliminate that expense.  Mark Tyler has done alot of weeding and trimming.  Please thank both of them for this weekly effort.

  • Basil Tilley and Terry Perkins have done some analysis of our external lighting and determined that the old lighted sign along 3rd Ave could just be turned off.  They also determined that even though our parking lot lights are on all night, reducing them yields little cost savings and is outweighed by safety factors.

  • Basil Tilley and Jan Kosowski participated in a four hour audit of our facility with Mid-America.  Nearly every bathroom and kitchen faucet aerator was replaced with a low flow one, and many incandescent light bulbs were replaced with LEDs.  The Committee is reviewing the full report for other cost saving ideas.


Thank you for your hard work!

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