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Strategic Priorities

Westminster Presbyterian Church has set up strategic priorities and a timeline for completion. These priorities will help us start working on making our church vision a reality. 

Our vision entails a number of elements:

  • We hope for inspiring, fulfilling worship and spiritual nourishment.

  • We want to invite and engage more people in our ministries and missions, including ministry for (though not limited to) the next generation.

  • We hope to understand and trust each other; to be flexible and resilient; to find shared solutions.

  • Most important of all, we know we need to lean on God.

Priority #1

Strategic Priority
Team Lead/Staff
Action Items

Priority #1

Team Lead/Staff: 

Discerning God's will with the church community.

Gary Teig & Rev. Henderson


1. Create more disciplined, intentional opportunities to learn and practice discernment.

2. Develop capacity to provide spiritual direction.

Priority #2

Team Lead/Staff: 

Building small group ministries for the generations.

Val Neubauer & Rev. Henderson


1. Develop Sunday School Curriculum

2. Mentor Potential Sunday School Teachers

Priority #3

Getting to know you - hospitality and outreach

Team Lead/Staff: 

Barb Read & Gale Smetana


1. Two congregational potluck dinners by Advent

2. One bridging activity

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