Suspended due to the corona virus.

Because Sunday School is canceled until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus, we have tried to come up with safe activities for our Westminster Kids. Pastor Roger has shared the Children's Message online with some of his favorite story books.  Some children participated in our Sunday School Zoom meetings and some kids talked with children from a Presbyterian Church in Indonesia. They sang "Jesus Loves Me."  See below.

Westminster member, Rachel Kongshaug, and her children, Cael, Micah, Nolan and Hanna, talk with Indonesian children who are part of a Presbyterian Church in Indonesia. 

Story Time with Pastor Roger - Fly Away Home

Story Time with Pastor Roger "The Parable of the Vineyard"

It was an awesome Sunday School last year at Westminster. We had great team teachers, fun singalongs and focused on New Testament stories. Our numbers nearly doubled and the kids learned and had fun. Coming soon: pictures from the school year!

Students paint flower pots for Sunday Brunch on 5th Sunday celebration.

Westminster Sunday School Coordinator, Val Neubauer, helps Abdisa Ali sew a bag as part of a mission project.

Sunday School Coordinator, Val Neubauer, teaches Abdisa Ali how to sew a bag for a mission project.

Westminster Sunday School students work on a mission project.

Dureti Ali puts a drawstring in the bag she created for the mission project.

Penny Novak and Lemi Tilahun help Sunday School kids paint flower pots for Westminster's 5th Sunday celebration.

Westminster Presbyterian Church Sunday School.

It takes a group effort to create 50 bags for the mission project. Students sewed the bags, added drawstrings and filled them with donated personal care items. Sunday School Assistant, Penny Novak helps students.