Worship at Westminster

Sunday Worship at Westminster

Westminster holds one Sunday service at 10 a.m. in the Sanctuary. The service combines both Praise Band Music with more traditional music and a Chancel Choir. In other words, we have an enjoyable mix of styles and something for everyone, all in the beautiful Sanctuary setting with its stunning Emmaus stained glass window . 

Jan Walton 
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A.J. Plummer leads Westminster's Praise Band. Ben Fashimpaur play bass and sings. They bring a contemporary feel to worship.

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Westminster's Chancel Choir brings a mix of styles to their offertory anthems.

Debra and David Liljedahl perform a duet of "Stars and Stripes Forever" during 4th of July weekend worship.

Everyone is welcome and you'll find a wide variety of people come to Westminster to worship. We have a children's or youth message for the youngest attendees and coffee and treats after the service so people have a chance to get to know each other.

That "getting to know each other" is part of the reason Westminster has moved to one service. After the isolation of the pandemic and the stress of the derecho, leaders felt there was a strong need to be together in one service. 

We hope you'll consider joining us in our new worship adventure. Blessings!